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Event Marketing

What is Event Marketing

Event Marketing consists of the following types such as the promotion of products, brands, and services that the company offered. They do it through a different scenario, an example of this scenario is online or offline. It also includes hosting that can build a strong relationship with customers and prospects.

Event Marketing and Its Value

Event Marketing is important both outside and inside the company. It is the most effective marketing channel for achieving business goals.

The additional value of Event Marketing include:

  • Businesses can be successful when they have a unique and interesting presentation of the services and brands
  • The Importance of the participants and staff
  • B2B Marketing
  • Branding awareness
  • Increase customers engagement
  • Educate the participants (Prospects and Customer)
  • Generate Sales

Why do companies use Event Marketing?

Companies use Event Marketing to generate their business and to establish their brands, services, and their identity.

Guide to have successful Event Marketing

  • Create an event theme and logo
  • Create a site event details (Where, When and What)
  • Make a registration to track participants who will attend
  • Create an Invitation List

Use Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

By using social media, we can guide the participants more easily of what will be the objectives of said event.

See the Possibilities

By checking the possible result of the event, you can be sure how to deal with it, how to handle it with your staff, how it can be successful, and how many participants are interested in the event.

Program the Event

  • Set up and settle everything
  • Check the site that you created and make the plan to accomplish the event
  • Check the possible time duration of the event

Evaluate the Event

By evaluating the event

  • Make sure to see the things you and your staff need to improve
  • See the previous goal and the result of the event
  • Evaluate Data when needed

Get Ready for the Next Event

  • Continue to make event marketing
  • Continue to set a new goal and new target prospects
  • Invite those people again who attended the event and ask for referrals

What to do at the Event?

Focus on Customers

When you focus first on customers they will know that you are not just presenting the product but they will feel that they are important to you. When the trust is there make sure also to present the product carefully. Use this skill as a touchpoint to engage with your client. Make sure that they are satisfied with the service they are receiving.

Use Demo as a Soft Sell

The main reason people come to the event or conferences is that they want to know and learn more about the product, service, or even in the industry. Regularly,  people in the market actively buy and want to see how unique or different the product is and how it works so that they can compare what will be the best for their company or business.

Through it, the opportunity of using a demo as a soft sell (a method of salesmanship or advertising that uses subtle persuasion). We show to them how your product works and addresses their pain points and how it’s different or unique from the other competitors.

You and your team should focus on demos with important prospects or customers before the event. To increase the number of customers, you need to have a giveaway, and by receiving the giveaway, require people to watch the demo first.

Use of Social Media

During the event make sure to use social media to increase attendance engagement and it is a way to interact with people who are unable to attend the event.

Hosts and Customers

The hosts have a big part of Event Marketing, they are the ones who talk, demonstrate, and even the ones who engage customers. When the hosts have so many ideas in the marketing the more the customer will likely attract the products.

Customers are the ones who make the event meaningful and successful.  When the invited customers understand the products the host represents they will carefully listen and are willing to engage with the products and services the host offers with them.

After the Event

When the event is over make sure to ask for feedback with the customers and ask if they are interested. Make connections with them, ask their goals, their willingness to the product or services you gave to them. Follow up with them from time to time and continue to focus on them.

Inside the Event Marketing

One thing that participants see the outside of event marketing is the brands and services the company offered. On the other hand, we can see the inside scenario of event marketing.

The importance of Customer Profiling in the Event Marketing

Every company is always looking for customers who can benefit their brands, products, and services. Customer Profiling has a big impact on the event marketing because big companies or businesses want to see their customer’s backgrounds, how they approach the business to business marketing. Companies who use Event Marketing always make sure that the profiles of their employees are satisfactory so that they can attract the customers.

Event Marketing and Lead Generation

When people attend an event they become receptive to the products and services that you offered. Through Lead Generation you can engage the prospects by:

  • Social Media
  • Setting an appointment
  • Invite them to visit the company website or the service and products you present
  • Conferences and Trade Show
  • Invite them to watch the advertisement

With this point, you can help the customer better understand the goal of the company to assist the prospects about the service you offer with them.


Event Marketing is useful even important in the business. Without this, there is no way that the company or business will become successful.

Event Marketing is just like a foundation of the building when the building has no foundation there is a big possibility to fall. But because of Event Marketing every company if not all can surely have a hundred percent success. When we develop or apply the guide surely the success will come.