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The Pipeline gives the ability to monitor, manage, and oversee the entire multi-touch as well as the multichannel technique and marketing automation in one customer relationship management in real-time data and available contact. It is like having a dedicated team from Leads Touch Marketing accompanying the clients and ready to provide them the necessary information and answers regarding their queries on lead management. A user-friendly CRM is also designed to give the clients easy access to monitoring all of the activities of Callbox team anytime anywhere.

Every call activity in the campaign of the client is accurately recorded and is ready for review. Apart from this, the Callbox team will assist them throughout for them to be familiar with the system before starting the campaign. And everything is logged from emails to booked appointments. It will also provide notification of whatever the clients need to be notified. Imagine having all these with just one click. The clients will definitely succeed in their campaign. What more can you ask for?

Choose your Criteria

Just give us the details of your ideal customer, and with just clicks away, we will provide you the targeted leads that will be appropriate for your ideal customer. We in Leads Touch Marketing will definitely produce leads that are interested in your products or services; whether you are looking for an individual with a specific interest or a business organization of a particular size or even an industry, we got it for you.

Improve your Sales Funnel

Sturdy generation of lead counts on speedy turnarounds and quick responses. We in Leads Touch Marketing can lend a hand on improving the client’s sales funnel to achieve fast reach out to leads and close deals using our multichannel method.

Get Exlusive Leads Real-Time

The clients can acquire access to the firm’s online CRM for them to monitor, deliver, and update their leads in real-time. 

Lead Nurture Tool

Here in Leads Touch Marketing, we have articulated a system that allows clients to hand over the accurate message to the right recipient at the desired time since it will not be enough that someone just sends information to prospects and do cold calling. Timing is critical in leads generation, performing it ahead of time might be a little pushy, and doing it later will be basically a sorry. Thus, the solution is covering all platforms of marketing to produce the optimal lead and accumulating it at the right time. Leads Touch Marketing is here to assist the clients in creating a scheme that will be suitable for their necessities and ensure the utmost quality of the lead.

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