Lead Generation

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Leads Touch Marketing specializes in generating leads and renovating it to be an appointment with a significant decision-maker. The appointments that we generate are highly competent and will absolutely match the standards of the clients. Through this lead and appointment generation services that Leads Touch Marketing offers, the clients and its sales team can move forward and just concentrate on the conversion of these leads into new substantial business and sales revenue.

Customer Profiling

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Leads Touch Marketing does its job with the most up to date and precise list. Working like a Master Archer, Leads Touch Marketing ensures that we can arm the clients with the razor-sharp and sturdy set of bow and arrow that will absolutely hit the bull’s eye. 

In an instance that you, our clients, already own a set of arrows and just wanted it to be sharper, Leads Touch Marketing can offer sharpener-like services that give Data Cleansing, Verification, Deduplication, and Management. 

Each database must be in its optimal quality to make the most out of its full potential. Thus, it should be validated, accurate, and complete, for the reason that others might not be aware that thirty-five percent of any database becomes out of date and invalid over a year.

Data Cleansing / Data Scrubbing

In situations, that the client feels like the quality of their database does not suffice the purpose of their business, Leads Touch Marketing is here to lend a helping hand. Our data cleansing and data scrubbing services will absolutely give them hope. With the help of our diligent team of research analysts and various methods to acquire the necessary and the most accurate data, the client will get a good result right before their eyes.

Verification of Data

Various companies safekeep their own database and rely on it for their sales campaign, which may not be up to date and accurate from time to time. Some lists are purchased from a database company, and there are some, which are internally created, however, it may take some time and effort to make it up to date every now and then. And this is the perfect time to seek help from Leads Touch Marketing, as we offer a wide array of selections that the client to choose from to verify the recent database and keep it up to date especially for their company.


Whenever you are looking at your database, have you noticed any duplicates? Should there be a duplicate? Have you found distinct values on the provided attributes on the records? These are some of the frequently asked questions whenever talking about databases. Let Leads Touch Marketing answer these queries by offering our clients one of our Profiling Services, the Deduplication. Deduplication is an organized approach that analyses not only the values indicated in the database but also its range and pattern to ensure that it will be capable of working with a list that does not have a duplicate contact.

Database Management

Many of us are aware that it really takes a lot of time and effort to do Data Profiling and update database, that is why Leads Touch Marketing got your back. With the help of our team, the clients could just sit back, relax, and wait, while we do all the work and give them back their list as good as new.


We assure to give our clients a hundred and one percent of data we sell, giving them a long-term result of services to build a long-term relationship with the clients. 

We will definitely replace bounced emails as well as invalid contact numbers with no extra charge.

In cases of not replacing a record, which will not likely to happen, guaranteed that the money which the client paid will be refunded for the incorrect records.

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