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Customer Profiling

What is Customer Profiling?

Customer Profiling is designed to make the customer’s profile more meaningful and idealistic. It creates a correct presentation regarding the services, products and the way on how to use it.

Customer Profiling or “Persona” includes the representative with a photo, a name, and an illustration. However, the customer’s profile is a customer type that can connect with the other group of people and the company who is the one represent the product.

Importance of Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling has so many important, with regards to that, it requires a marketing strategy. It assists you to know and understand the ideal customer is looking for, and what is the best.

The Use of Customer Profiles

Target your Ideal Customer

When the “Personas” or the Customer Profiles is in detail, unique, and specific we can target the Ideal Customer. By doing this, it can create a lot of connection with the other company, we can address their needs and challenges and attract them to your business.

Advantage of Social Data

Social data is designed to help the customer profile to attract the other company. Social Data is
important in marketing to look for customer’s insights about their products, services, and other related sources such as Facebook for Business and Twitter Ads.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Customer Profiling


  • Ideas and opinions of the group are one of the advantages. When they discuss the needs they can create and provide ideal solutions.
  • Companies save TIME, effort and money on advertising
  • A company can keep and watch on the buying behavior, preferences and interests of their customers.
  • The company can identify what kind of business by sending the most relevant information
  • Exceed the required to build the Customer Profile
  • Have a Better and More Effective Communications
  • To know what to communicate, to whom and when
  • Refined and automated
  • Easy to outsmart its participant by making product
  • Have the most relevant and information on its customers
  • Can disseminate information to every customer segments using the preferred communication

By having some of these advantages, a company would need to know what kind of information they need to collect.


  • Customers sometimes worry about the privacy of personal information
  • Worried about financial cost
  • Customers are not all equal
  • Too focused on the customer’s profile and forget the products and services
  • Sometimes customers have no idea of what they want
  • Dissatisfied

We can avoid this kind of disadvantage when the company or group of people are more focused on the services and products they can offer.

Effective Ingredients

They need to increase their profit, competitive, more customers, have a glowing testimony, and referrals. This ingredient is one of the effective element of any company.

Increase Profit

Profit is so important in Customer Profiling when the company increased the profit there is a big possibility that profit will be doubled when the group of people is interested in your services and products.


The more competitive is the company, the more they can easily find contacts or connect it with other people. By doing this, they can attract other customers.

More Customers

When companies have more customers, they always have a back up plan. When they cannot attract other customers, they will go directly to other customers to attract it. This way, if you have a lot of customers there will be more sales.

Glowing Testimony

When the individual already experienced the products and services you present with them, they surely share it with the other group of people. Besides, companies who have a glowing testimony can create a big impact on their customers.


When you discuss the products and services you offer with them, you can ask for referrals who are also willing of what is your services and products.

Lead Generation and Customer Profiling

Lead Generation and Customer Profiling are similar to each other, both describe marketing, they both used social techniques. They both focus on the person, services, and products. Their goal is to sell their products by different techniques, the Lead Generation uses inbound and outbound categories while the Company Profiling or “Personas” uses specific touching point such as website, catalog, and etc. They both work together to attract individuals and companies with products and services in a unique and simple way.