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Virtual Event Marketing

What is Virtual Event Marketing

A virtual event marketing is an online event that requires people to communicate with each other through virtual surroundings such as a web rather than meeting in person or a physical location. A virtual event is an online event that frequently uses webinars and webcasts. The purpose of this is to create a similar experience as in physical meetings.

Virtual Events points out the importance of communication despite the circumstances happening in this world. Virtual Events uses are the following:

  • Company-Wide Gatherings
  • Job Fairs
  • Sales-Meeting
  • College Open Days
  • Trade Show
  • Conferences (Virtual Translation Conferences)

Companies use virtual events to provide a presentation, talk, show, exhibit, demonstration, training, job fairs, internal meetings, and sessions. Event Marketing has a participant. For an example of this is:

  • Company Executives
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers/Management
  • Human Resources and More

The Use of Webinar and Webcasts in Virtual Event Marketing


Webinars are an effective way for every business to reach a higher number of an audience not just in one country but all around the globe. The usage of the Webinar is this:

  • Sharing Video and Presentation
  • Chats
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Recording
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Whiteboard

Webinar In Businesses and Company

The webinar is the tool of every business and companies and it can bring benefits to companies and businesses. Webinars can build a long term relationship with customers by explaining how the services and products work and answering their questions.

The Importance Of Webinar in Virtual Event Marketing

Webinars are suitable for both presenters and attendees. Webinars can hold the conference at any time and any place. Every employee can participate without leaving work, while staying at home, on vacations, or even on a business trip.

There is no need to be stressful when you hold a meeting or conferences or concerns such as venue rentals, breaks, and transfer. Webinars needed the following:

For Presenters, it is important to have a steady or consistent connection, webcam, headset, and a webinar hosting system.

For the Attendees, must have internet access, audio, headsets such as headphones or microphones are so important.

How to Execute the Webinars?

Arrange  the Plan and Time

The first step to do this is to schedule or program the said event. Just create an account of a webinar platform such as WebinarJam, Demio, ClickMeeting, WebinarNinja, GotoWebinar, Livestorm, EverWebinar, EasyWebinar, BigMarker, Google Hangouts, and more. Then, set the event time, duration, and date.

The most important step is planning and time where you can customize the settings so that the webinar will go along with plans and goals and the audience’s trust and respect.

A Host in Webinar

Hosting a webinar is important by making sure that everything is ready so that the impression of your audience will last long and your goal will achieve. Interactive tools are also one of the important tools in webinars such as desktop sharing to show digital graphs, tables, keynotes, and pictures.

Here are several ways to Host a Webinar:

  • Choose a good Webinar Platform
  • Choose the right day and time
  • Use good equipment
  • Promote the Webinar ahead of time
  • Pick a topic that interests your audience or attendees
  • Engage your Audience
  • Practice
  • Follow up the attendees
  • Evaluate  your Effort and make improvements


Webcasts are broadcasting over the internet and distributed on the internet use media technology to allocate single content to many listeners and viewers.

Webcasting is used in the commercial sector for shareholder relation presentations for this is annual general meetings, seminars, and related communications activity.

Business Applications

In business, webcasts are extremely important because they are used for an extensive variety of applications.

Example of Webcasts that are used in Businesses:

Marketing – To generate leads

Corporate Communications – Both inside and outside of the company announcements and executive communications

Human Resources – For training and Benefits Presentations

Investor Relations – For analyst days, video earnings and conferences

Sales – For product updates, marketing initiatives, and pieces of training

Hosting a Webcasts

Webcasts have two major part in businesses the managed and self-services

For Managed,  the service provider holds everything from filming, broadcasting, and logistic and must provide a true service experience.

Self-Services is webcasting that offers access to webcasting, editing, publishing, and analytics tools to host their webcasts using the existing technology infrastructure.

How to Market Your Virtual Event?

By doing a lot of marketing and planning together, you can market your Virtual Event. Implementing the ideas for a virtual event there is 100% sure that you have a successful and profitable event.

Here are some ways how to market your Virtual Event:


Sponsors are your best allies. One of their work is to encourage them to invite their contacts and tell your sponsor to designate that you have a virtual event. Assure that your sponsor will work too. Give them what they need as sponsors such as badges, graphics, and the report to share with their list of members.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speakers are the ones who promote the event with the audiences. Help them how to advertise the event through social media and in the other areas.


Advertising the articles is your first step because it can create traffic and that means more people will see your virtual event and has a possibility that those people will sign up to join with you. Make your articles relevant and well written that easy to understand.


Create unique blogs that have always aligned with the topics you have in your virtual event.


Vlog is a video blog using your web camera, a video camera, or a flip camera. Plan and prepare what you are going to say in advance and keep it short so that the viewer will be interested in the vlog that you created. Always act professionally.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also the tools of Marketing the Virtual Event. One of the examples is your LinkedIn account and inviting your connections that you are advertising in a virtual event.

Email Newsletters

Email is also vital in marketing the virtual event. One of the advantages is the people you have emailed already know you, and it will create great trust and want to keep updated.

Sales Page

Make an attractive sales page with the correct keywords and right information that promotes any products so that people will sign up. Advertising your virtual event should need it fast, right, and amazing.


People must know why they should attend your virtual event. It can be found in email, Youtube, sales page, or all channels. As long as people get registered for your upcoming virtual event.

The Advantages of Virtual Event Marketing

Easy to Connect

Virtual Events can accelerate very well. It’s easy to make a connection with the attendees because everyone is on the same page. Attendees can take down the information like the name of every person who is in the Virtual Event and their titles.

Pliable and Changeable

Virtual Event Marketing is pliable and changeable. Pliable on how you broadcast the event and how you host an event. You can also change or offer different languages and you can choose everything you want.

Saves Time

Virtual Event Marketing can save time. You also help your attendees and staff to save time. One of the advantages is you help your attendees and staff not to travel in the event place because through the virtual event they can easily communicate with you.

Less Costly

Virtual Events save money because it is less costly. It saves money on the location, attendees’ hotel, food, transportation, and more. The only payment you need to pay is the expenditure of a virtual meeting platform.

Easier to Collect Feedback

Virtual Events can easily collect feedback from the attendees. When do you ask them how the event is going? How was the training? You can ask them questions that will be easier to say what things to improve.

Evaluate Result

You can quickly evaluate the result of virtual events because everything is done in the online process. You can quickly evaluate the attendee’s participation, their attendance, on how they pay, and more.

The Best Online Meeting Platforms

What are the Virtual Event Platforms? I know some of us might think what platforms are the most important to use in Virtual Events, it doesn’t matter what would be that platform if you need to choose one that fits you and your company.

Here are the Top Ten Best Online Meeting Platforms:

1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of the best online meeting platforms. This Web Hosted is made and marketed by LogMeIn. GoToMeeting is used for video transcription, team messaging, and customizable team settings. You can also download the GoToMeeting app on your smartphone. GoToMeeting enables you to have 150 participants or attendees and costs $12 monthly and an annual total of $144. One of the best option to optimize the attendees from 150 to 250 GoToMeeting Business costs $16per month and an annual total of $192.

2. ezTalksMeeting

ezTalksMeeting is also an app and one of the best online meeting platforms. It is a cloud-based video conferencing system that offers innovative video communication services. EztalksMeeting is so effective in communication they prepare an ultra-high-definition video and audio. EzTalksMeeting starting price is $12.99 monthly.

3. Zoom

Zoom is a video communication that offers video telephony and online chat services. The use of this platform is in distance education, telecommuting, social relations, and teleconferencing. It’s also an app that you can download through your smartphone.

Zoom Meeting is a plan for businesses. Zoom Meeting has a free basic that you can host up to 100 participants and a 40 minutes limit in group meetings. They also have a Pro for small teams and its monthly pricing $14.99 and it can be hosted up to 100 attendees and will last up to 24 hours. Their other offer is Business for Small and Medium Business and its monthly pricing is $19.99 monthly and the participants are up to 300 and have dedicated phone support. And their last offer is Enterprise and its monthly pricing is $19.99 that includes 500 participants.

4. Digitell

Digitell has specialties like Webcasts, Virtual Meetings, Meeting Planners, Live On-Demand Webcasting, and Virtual Conferencing. It is also a supplier of Digital Meeting Services that corporates and associates. They are one of the well-known platforms that runs the largest online library of professional education.

5. Evia Events

Evia allows you to edit, capture, stream, and share valuable content. Its focus is on providing the best experience in every user. Their services offer virtual solutions and ground solutions. The Evia approach is to strategize, manage, build, produce, share, and analyze.

6. Intrado

Intrado is formerly known as the West. It established an innovative cloud-based technology to make it easy. The goal is to become efficient to create good connections. One of their solutions is to put people in sync with other people and the correct information. Intrado has four categories in Digital Media, Enterprise Collaboration, Life, and Safety and Health and Wellness.

7. ON24

ON24 is the way businesses engage with the audience, power interactive, and data-rich digital marketing experiences that help revenue to accelerate. The ON24 platform is used by marketers to create and deliver live, personalized webinars, content, and virtual event experiences.

ON24 Platform has a product such as Live-ON24 webcast elite, Always-  ON24 Engagement Hub, Personalized-ON24 target, Insights-ON24 Intelligence, Action-ON24 Connect. These products can help you to create engagements that matter most.

8. Skype for Business

Skype for Business Server software is made by Microsoft and for Business supports text messaging, video chat, video over wireless, audio, calling, and conferencing, combined with Microsoft Office.

It is also a mobile app that helps individuals to have access to communication in Virtual Events.

9. HighFive

HighFive is the way of integrated hardware and software platform born in the cloud for intelligent in-room video conferencing and provides instant collaboration for every team.

It has a specialties in Web Meetings and conferencing, collaboration, audio conferencing, and video conferencing.

Highfive has a goal for individuals such as unlimited users, meetings and minutes, lightweight setup and management, and especially to have a meeting that feels like everyone is in the room.

10. focuses on web-based collaboration software applications. One of its goals is for screen sharing and online meetings. is available in Mobile apps in Android and IOS. The components of are recording capabilities, ability to switch presenters, and a meeting scheduler.

If there is a Virtual Event Marketing, there is also an Event Marketing that helps people to understand the presenters and the products and services that they discuss personally.

The Event Marketing is different from Virtual Event Marketing. Virtual Event is online but the Event Marketing is seeing your prospects or customers personally. It is also a foundation in every company in generating leads and its purpose is to promote a product or services face to face and individually.

Here are the samples of Event Marketing:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshop and Classes
  • Tradeshow
  • Festivals
  • Networking Sessions
  • Sponsorship
  • Awards
  • Competition
  • Speaker Session

Event Marketing strategy is one of the useful tools to use in generating leads and helps customers understand the value of every product and service.


Virtual Event Marketing is so important nowadays, with this tool every business or even individual can create a unique connection around the world either in business or personal and with this new idea, everything will be made easier and fast.

Virtual Event Marketing needs to apply in every person or organization because it helps the community or even the world to feel that everything has a way to communicate. No matter what platform you choose their goal is the same which is to have better communication with the individual, businesses or companies or organizations, and attendees.